Published by ClearlyRated - 10/12/22

Review Site G2 Honors ClearlyRated with Awards of Our Own

At ClearlyRated, we’re used to giving out awards, but… shucks. Now it’s our turn! (Can you tell we’re blushing?) Software review site G2 gave us the good news that ClearlyRated earned a Momentum Leader Award along with more accolades in these three categories: Enterprise Feedback Management, Online Reputation, and Experience Management. 

G2 bases its awards on customer reviews, so we thank our customers enormously for sharing their experiences and feedback. At ClearlyRated, we aim to help our clients create the best customer experience (CX) possible, so it’s gratifying to hear from them that we’re delivering a great CX too. While we love all our awards and G2 badges, we might be most proud of the ones in the Experience Management category because they speak to the fact that we focus not only on helping clients gather and consolidate feedback, but also on delivering insights and tools they can use to take direct action on that feedback—while making everything easy-to-use along the way.

Our G2 Experience Management Awards by category:

  • Implementation: Fastest Implementation | Easiest Set Up 
  • Relationship: Easiest Doing Business With 
  • Results: Best Estimated ROI | Users Most Likely to Recommend 
  • Usability: Easiest to Use | Easiest Admin | Best Meets Requirements

What Our Clients Wrote About Working With Us

Wondering how we earned these rewards? Perhaps it’s best to hear it from our clients themselves. Here is some of their feedback as seen on our G2 profile:

  • “The ClearlyRated team makes it so easy, the results and feedback far outweigh any investment of time or resources. The insight provided by responders gives us critical details on our clients’ experiences, expectations, and overall brand loyalty. Any weakness in our process or teams can be quickly addressed and corrected. With ClearlyRated, we can quickly identify and resolve any weaknesses or failures in the way we deliver our services to our valued clients. In addition, we can pinpoint successes and share these with the teams. We utilize both negative and positive as opportunities for training and improvement. The benefits from ClearlyRated are invaluable. The process is flawless and their support team is amazing. We consider them an extension of our teams,” writes Jon K. 
  • “I love how easy the dashboard is to use, being able to filter by partner, service line, even survey year to compare year over year responses. Everything is easily exportable, and the reports are beautifully pre-compiled by partner or brand. The team is super easy and flexible to work with. Everyone is very friendly and responsive when I have questions,” writes Amanda E.
  • “Any time I think of something that would be helpful, the ClearlyRated team is able to walk me through steps to get to what I’m seeking. The search-ability and ease of use allow us to really understand what the numbers mean. We want to stay ahead of any global client service issues, so on the macro level, it’s important to us to see overall great results. On the micro level, we have saved client relationships based on their feedback – feedback we may not have gotten without using ClearlyRated,” writes Jack K.
  • “We care very much about our clients and their experiences with us. Clearly Rated helps us gather that information so we are able to make course corrections to provide exceptional service,” writes MaryAnn P.
  • “The survey process is almost effortless, and the dashboard is easy to use. [ClearlyRated] understands the importance of customer service, and live and breathe it. We got great, actionable results from our survey. We identified that clients aren’t consistently receiving value for the fees they pay. We are working internally to identify value drivers and how to better communicate value to clients,” writes Becca J.
  • “Feedback from our clients and our associates has always been a bit difficult to gather, and once you gather that what do you do with it? ClearlyRated has helped us not only gather more feedback but presents the finalized results in a way we can share with leadership teams and field branches to help us build better relationships with clients and associates. You can’t fix what you don’t know is broken and what you think needs fixing sometimes isn’t the problem at all. Honest and candid feedback from clients and associates allows us to work on what truly needs to be worked on and celebrate what we are doing well,” writes Melissa C.

Thanks to our entire team at ClearlyRated our clients have a seamless experience starting with their very first interaction. If you are thinking about surveying or enhancing your CX, we would love to get the ball rolling with an initial conversation.  Contact us today if you’re ready to learn more!

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