Bullhorn Automation Integration
Technical Info

The Nitty Gritty

There aren't any technical bits that you have to worry about when setting up the Bullhorn Survey Automation integration (we'll handle that!), but we wanted to lift the curtain back a little bit and provide some more detailed information about what goes into making the automation work. Click on any of the screenshots to view them full size!

Data Mapping

Configuring the automation happens from inside your Dashboard, and our team will take the lead on the setup. The screenshot below shows the custom programming language we use to talk to Bullhorn's API to pull your contacts for automated surveys.

Important facts:

  • These fields are all customizable and we will work with you to ensure we're pulling the correct data from Bullhorn into our system.
  • The ClearlyRated Survey Automation integration doesn't write any data to Bullhorn. Data only flows one way: from Bullhorn to ClearlyRated.
  • The ClearlyRated integration only pulls data from Bullhorn 1x/day, maximum, meaning it will not slow down anything in Bullhorn due to repeated access to your instance.
  • For more information about the Bullhorn API and how we access it, click here.
Automation Configuration

Below is a screenshot showing an example of the automation schedule our team will create for you.

Some things to note here:

  • You can tell us the exact timing of the data pull from Bullhorn.
  • You have the option to build in a delay between the data pull and the actual survey send, for example to create a review buffer period.
  • Survey automation is configurable for multiple touch points (eg. Onboarding, Mid-Assignment, End of Assignment) and multiple reminders for each touch point.
Email Notifications and the Automation Run Summary

You can designate users to receive an email notification after every automation data pull. The email contains a brief summary of how many contacts were successfully pulled from Bullhorn, with a link to the Automation Run Summary, which logs every automation event and is always available in your Dashboard as well.

Email automation example

Automation Run Summary

Automation Audit Log

You'll have access to your entire automation history in the Audit Log.


Ready to Get Started?

Current ClearlyRated customers can contact their Customer Success Manager below. If you're a current Bullhorn client please contact us with the button below!