Competition Rules and Guidelines


We are dedicated to providing you with an exceptional experience while participating in the Best of [Industry] competition. To that end, we ask that participants follow a few very important rules and guidelines to ensure a fair competition for everyone involved.


To avoid disqualification, please review the truncated rules below and communicate them to all of your internal employees that will be involved in the competition.


1. Regardless of intent, taking surveys on behalf of your clients and/or talent may disqualify your firm.

This includes filling out survey answers for your clients and/or talent over the phone, through email or in person, even if they give you permission to do so.


2. Regardless of intent, including internal employees in your list of contacts to be surveyed may disqualify your firm.

If you are surveying clients and/or talent who are also internal employees within your firm, please contact us.


3. Regardless of intent, communicating to your clients and/or talent that you are in a competition and need to win may disqualify your firm.

It is important that you only communicate that you are surveying your clients and/or talent in order to gauge their satisfaction with your firm and never to mention that you are taking part in a competition, which could unfairly skew responses.


4. Regardless of intent, removing specific clients and/or talent from the survey that you fear may give you a bad score may disqualify your firm.

All participants must survey at least fifty percent (50%) or a minimum of 500 individual client contacts who were billed for services during three (3) or more consecutive months.

All participants surveying talent must survey 100% of the talent who were placed in temporary positions during three (3) or more consecutive months.

5. Regardless of intent, utilizing the award logo without permission may disqualify your company. 

Clients who have purchased the Premium, Plus or Enterprise package AND are winners have rights to use the logo.


6. Regardless of intent, surveys completed on a computer that is owned or under the control of your company may disqualify your firm.