Financial Impact Report
1.13.21 | What is it and how do I use it?

Bridget Harper and Lauren Petersen dive into the details of this new email that you can generate on demand. The report covers revenue that's at risk as well as highlights revenue expansion opportunities.

Next Steps:

As you review the recording, below are the metrics in the first section of the Financial Impact report and how you could apply them to your business. Here are the numbers to gather:

  • Detractor Accounts (this one is easy as it's the first number shared in the report)
  • Your ACV (in the report we generate, we use 75k for Staffing and 35k for Accounting/Legal/B2B)

Run this exercise:
[# of Detractor Accounts] x (ACV) = A
A x 30% = B
A - B = C
C x 14% = D
B + D = Likely Revenue Lost.

Using the above equation, here it is applied to the example from the webinar:

I have 2 detractor accounts, with an ACV of 35k
2 x 35,000 = 70,000
70,000 x 30% = 21,000 (30% of identified detractor accounts are likely to churn so you have 21k at risk in this scenario)
70,000 - 21,000 = 49,000
49,000 x 14% = 6,860 (for those accounts that don't churn, on average they reduce their spend by 14%)
21,000 + 6,860 = 27,860 Likely Revenue Lost (this number is rounded to the nearest thousand in the Financial Impact Report).

How to send yourself the report from the dashboard:

To send yourself this report at any time or adjust the cadence: log into the dashboard, click "My Account" in the upper right hand side, and scroll down to the "Notifications" section to find the settings for the NPS Financial Impact Report.