How to Add the ClearlyRated
Server to Your Email Allowlist


What is an Allowlist and Why It's Important

Have you ever sent an email to someone and had it not reach their inbox? Later you find out that it ended up in their spam or junk folders. Why is that? Most inboxes are flooded daily with all kinds of email marketing making it hard for important emails that need your attention to get noticed. Email providers, like Gmail or Yahoo, are so good at managing your inbox using algorithms, that they can sort emails into folders or tabs that aren't regularly checked.

To "allowlist" an email address means that you give this specific email address permission to be fast tracked to your inbox and get your attention. These settings will allow our emails to be "allowed"/given permission to be delivered to your clients or staff inbox. This tells your email provider that emails from this contact are important and can be trusted, which will keep them at the top of your inbox and out of the spam folder.

To add us to your allowlist, send this information to your IT professional

Mail Server:  *Double check, this one is easily missed!

IP address:

Email Address:

Return-Path: we implement VERP, so the left side of the address will be unique for each recipient, but the domain side is