How to Update Bounced
Email Addresses


What to do if an Email Bounces

1. It is important to receive the maximum number of survey responses. Updating bounced emails is essential for your overall response rate and NPS. You can view the number of bounces in the Data Trends tab. You should see something that looks likes this:


2. Download the Email Bounce list from the report menu on the top right of the page. Make sure you have the correct survey selected:



3. Once you have reviewed the bounced emails and have an updated email, you can edit and resend the initial survey from your ClearlyRated dashboard:


4. Once you are on the Contact Search page, click on the menu to the left of your screen to select the survey where you will be updating the bounced emails:


5. You can search for a specific contact in the search field and click directly on their name to edit their contact info:


6. Once you’ve updated their email address in the email field, you should see this box directly under the email field:


7. Leave the “Re-send Survey Invitation Email” box checked and click the orange save button at the bottom of the screen to re-send the survey to the correct email address and you’re all set! The system will automatically send the initial survey to the updated email address.