Add a ClearlyRated Star Rating
Widget to a Webpage


The ClearlyRated Star Ratings Widget allows you to embed a stand-alone application in your website to show your most recent star ratings. You can add a widget to your website that displays your overall brand's star rating or you can add multiple widgets that display your star ratings by office location. Below are the instructions for configuring your widget in the ClearlyRated dashboard and embedding it in your website.

This feature is available to premium or higher subscriptions. Your account manager can help you upgrade if needed.

Step 1. Choose A ClearlyRated Widget

Log into your ClearlyRated dashboard > Online Profile >  Widgets, follow the instructions to generate your widget code snippet.


Step 2. Configure your ClearlyRated Widget

Choose the brand, audience, location and design orientation (vertical or horizontal) that you desire for your ClearlyRated Star Rating Widget display on your website.


Step 3. Implementing your ClearlyRated Widget

To get your star rating widget on your own website, copy the generated code snippet that's in your ClearlyRated dashboard and share it with your website development team to have it added to your website.

Tech specs: Getting the widget included on your website is as simple as pasting the small bit of generated code that is a div with small Javascript where you would like it to appear. The ClearlyRated Star Rating Widget works by using Javascript to load your specific widget content from the ClearlyRated server and puts in into the div that you place on your website where you want to widget to appear. This all happens as the page is loading.

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Pro-tip: Where is the best place to put the star rating widget on a website?

In a nutshell, you can't really go wrong putting the widget anywhere on your website. We recommend including it in the most likely user path(s) of your buyer as you're trying to help buyers quickly find proof of the value you are promising to them. With that, most common pages are the following,

  • Homepage
  • Buyer solutions page
  • About page
  • Awards page


Why Embed this Widget? Help Your Buyers Quickly Access Proof That Your Company Can Be Trusted!

Every company has spun up a website to tell their service story - highlighting customer testimonials and reviews, displaying case studies, and showcasing awards on their website in hopes that they'll stand out as different and better than their competition. Buyers are looking for reason to trust the service story a company is telling about themselves. This story is only validated through social proof- buyers want to see evidence from people who have used the product or service.

One of the most credible forms of social proof is user generated, third party ratings and testimonials. According to research done by online search experts BrightLocal, 86% of customers are looking to online, third-party reviews as proof that the purchase they are considering will deliver value. Seeking social proof is not new, but the rise of social media has user generated ratings at the center of how buyers seek proof of value. To accelerate a buyer's ability to trust, company's should be using technology to pull user generated, third-party ratings onto their website. Companies that help buyers quickly find social proof of the value they are promising, will see an increase in website lead conversions according to CXL Institute.

The ClearlyRated Widget pulls our clients' user generated ratings on to their website, giving quick access to social proof that the company can be trusted to deliver value. Trust is one of the key factors in converting buyers online and the ClearlyRated Widget is designed to put service at the heart of a company's growth strategy.

Company's with the strongest social proof will win.