Custom View Response
Integration Example


If you have access to website development resources and want to make the individual survey response page from the ClearlyRated dashboard appear within one or more of your technology platforms like a CRM, billing system, ERP, custom built app, etc. that we don't currently have a supported integration for then this is an option for you.

Using our API you can securely generate a URL to an individual response page for a specific client or employee/candidate that you can set as the source in an iframe on the record within the application you are integrating it with.


Below we have provided an example of how to use the generateTemporaryResponseUrl to display the survey response in an iframe.  We used very simple HTML and PHP code to show how it works, but this similar strategy should work in most other programming languages.


Getting Started: Before you can actually try this on your own you will need access to our API by following the instructions in our API docs.

1. For this example we created a simple HTML page that has an iframe with the src value referencing a server side script that will actually connect to the API to get a link for the view response page.

When you implement this you would likely use server side code instead to pass along the email address of the contact you are trying to view survey responses for and the email address of the user viewing the page.

Code example:

2. The server side script needs to connect to the ClearlyRated API and pass along the email address of the contact you want a survey response page for and the email address of the person at your company that is viewing the response.  The generateTemporaryResponseUrl endpoint will return a link that you will want to redirect to so the survey response view will appear in your iframe.

Code example:

3. Now when the user loads the page the iframe will populate with the ClearlyRated dashboard view response page for the contact with that email address:

  • Can I use any programming language to do this? Any language that allows you to initiate an HTTP connection to a URL and POST data to that URL should work. 
  • Is this secure? Yes, since all of the API work happens server side and the link is only temporary your data should stay very secure.
  • Do I have access to this? You must have API access which isn't available at all package levels.  Contact your account manager to be sure you have access.