How to Send Survey Invites via Text


Send surveys by SMS in addition to your existing email invitation.

This feature is available to any package level for an additional cost. Your account manager can help you get a price quote.

Before you begin, please review this resource about Requirements for Sending Survey Invitations via SMS.

How to Set Up SMS Survey Invites

1. Add a "Contact_SMS" column to your contact list

You'll need to add this column in addition to your phone column. The SMS column is where our system looks for a valid number to text.



2. Populate the SMS column with the mobile numbers.

You should add SMS numbers for any contacts that have agreed to receive communication via text. We assume that if you add a number to this column you have gotten permission to text it. (Note: every contact who has an SMS also needs to have an email address)

3. Upload your contact list

You can start the upload by logging in to your account and clicking "Getting Started" on your home page. If you need help with this, check out your industry's page in the Knowledge Center.

4. That's it!

We'll send out your survey as usual and your contacts will receive the survey invite by email and SMS!

  • How should I format the SMS numbers?

Our tool also accepts a wide variety of phone number formats and will automatically clean up variations in punctuation (Note: We currently cannot send to international phone numbers).

  • What else happens to the SMS numbers in my list when I upload?

The upload tool will remove any non-numeric characters or long distance codes from your cell numbers (eg: "0-000-000-0000-cell" will become "000-000-0000"). If you have more than one contact with the same phone number, then our tool will remove the SMS number from all but one contact. Any of the numbers that are too short or too long to be a valid SMS number will be removed from the list

  • What does the text invite look like?

When we launch your survey, anyone with a valid SMS number will receive the survey link via text in addition to their regular email invitation. Our default text will be customized with contact's first name and the brand name included in your contact list. Our default text reads:  "[First Name], please complete your [Brand Name] survey: [survey link] Thanks for your feedback! Reply STOP to stop msgs. Msg&data rates may apply."


  • Can my contacts reply to the text invite by phone or text?

If the recipient tries to text something to the reply number they'll get this response:

"Hello, unfortunately this number is only used to send survey invitations and is not directly monitored by a person so your message can't be delivered. Please call or email us directly if you need help with something. Reply STOP to unsubscribe. Msg/Data Rates May Apply."

If the recipient calls the reply number, they will get an auto-reply that tells them it is an un-attended number and that they should contact their personal contact at the company.

  • Can my contacts unsubscribe from texting?

Your contacts can unsubscribe or resubscribe to SMS invites by texting standard commands "Stop" or "Start". They can unsubscribe from SMS without unsubscribing from email invitations. (Note: If they unsubscribe from emails they'll also be unsubscribed from texting).

Why Send Send Invites via SMS (Text)?
  • 70% of customers say SMS is a good way for a business to get their attention (source: flowroute)
  • Texting is the #1 most used way of communication among Americans younger than 50 (source: Gallup)
  • 82% of text messages are read within 5 minutes, but consumers only open 1 in 4 emails they receive (source: VoiceSage)