How to Setup Profile Q & As


One of the best ways to distinguish your company from others is to provide more information that prospects are looking for on your profile pages, which is possible through the profile page Q&A feature. When you setup Q&As for your locations they are properly encoded to encourage Google to include the questions within the search result as you see below.


You have the opportunity to answer as many questions for each of your company locations as you would like to. When you select a question to answer it will appear only on the specific location profile page and be encoded to encourage Google to include it within search results for that location. This not only provides more information to your prospects, but also improves the search engine optimization of your profile pages.

This feature is available to Premium and higher levels for no additional cost and will go away if your ClearlyRated subscription expires.

Auto-Answered Q&As

To make this easy we have auto-answered several questions so all profiles have at least a few Q&As answered, which will have a positive impact on the search engine optimization of your profile pages without you having to do anything! The auto-answered questions are highlighting existing information on your profile pages, which includes your ratings and the areas of expertise you have selected. To view or disable your auto-answered Q&As follow Step 1 below for each of your locations.

Optional Self-Answered Q&As

These questions were selected based on research into what prospects in your industry are looking to have answered online and what types of information most companies already have on their own website that they could repurpose. You are able to select any of the available self-answered Q&As to answer for each of your locations. Follow the steps below to complete that.

How to Setup Profile Q&As

Step 1. Find the location profile you want to include a Q&A

Login to your ClearlyRated dashboard > Online Profile > Profile Pages and click on the location you want to answer or edit a Q&A for in the list of locations under Manage Locations.


Step 2. Select the question you would like to answer

Once you select the question you would like to answer you are provided a text box to write your answer in. The answer can be up to 2,000 characters long and once you save it you are able to move it up or down in order which will change how it appears on the location profile.

Special Note: it is HIGHLY recommended that you provide unique answers to each location so the same answer is not duplicated across multiple locations (if you have more than one office location) as it can hurt your profiles search engine optimization if the content is duplicated exactly.


Step 3. Repeat for as many questions and locations you want to answer Q&As for

If you have multiple locations you would ideally answer the same question across all the locations, but with a unique answer for that location. Additionally, you are encouraged to answer more than one for each location so you would just repeat step 2 for each question.


Step 4. That's it!

Now you just sit back and wait for Google to start showing the Q&As in a search result for your profiles. This is unfortunately not guaranteed as Google makes the final decision on whether to include them or not, but you will be setup for the best chance of that happening.

Why Setup Q&As?
  • Q&As appear boldly within the search result drawing more attention to your profile pages from your prospects.
  • Prospects doing research on your company are trying to get to know your company so the more you can answer those questions earlier in their research the more likely you are to convert them.
  • Google works hard to remove duplicated content on the web, so the more unique rich content on your profile pages the less likely it will be seen as duplicate content and therefore more likely to appear higher in search results.
  • Google encourages the use of Q&As and many other forms of structured data and if Google encourages it then it will have an impact on your SEO.