2022 Product Roadmap Update

Smart automation is key, The Jetsons and ClearlyRated both agree!

The Jetsons' future got so many things wrong, like boots that allow you to walk on the ceiling or a bed that ejects you like toast (talk about a rude awakening). It envisioned a business world devoid of diversity, women only at home, paper currency, and talking dogs.


The one crucial thing it got right was the power of intelligent automation.  With a few button pushes the entire Jetson family is delivered a breakfast at exactly the right time, quantity, and with each person receiving their favorite breakfast item.

That type of smart automation is precisely where the ClearlyRated product is headed.  As much as our team would love to build a 3D pancake printer, we won't be automating breakfast.  However, we are building more intelligent automation into our product to ease your burden of taking action on your feedback and growing your business through your exceptional service.

Our Fall '22 release will amplify your:

  • Reviews - automatically asking survey takers to share their feedback as a review on platforms like Google, Glassdoor, and more
  • Referrals - automatically asking promoters to provide a referral through your existing referral programs
  • Testimonials - redesigned to automatically capture higher quality testimonials

Our Winter '23 release will amplify your:

  • Website Widgets -  expanding our existing website widgets to automatically stream fresh testimonials to your website, while also showing your star rating and awards
  • Testimonials and Shout Outs - automatically detecting and encouraging respondents to fix spelling and grammar errors

Our releases in 2023 & 2024 will automate gathering and distributing experience insights:

  • Bringing attention to your most critical at risk accounts by combining financial value of each account with their feedback to prioritize action
  • Automatically analyzing and categorizing open ended survey feedback to find and report on trends
  • Detecting candidate churn risk
  • Robust and actionable benchmarking
  • All of the above delivered automatically to the places your employees work everyday, like email, Slack, Teams, CRM, ATS, SMS, and more

Most importantly this new roadmap will be built on a backbone of integrations into the tools your teams use everyday to ensure we are making it as easy as possible to make your feedback actionable.