Published by ClearlyRated - 06/22/20

Share Powerful Testimonials Directly to LinkedIn and Facebook with ClearlyRated’s Social Sharing Feature

At ClearlyRated, we know that client survey programs are only as powerful as the action that’s taken on the feedback that’s received.

But it’s not just negative feedback that needs to be addressed. Positive feedback from your clients (and for staffing firms, placed talent) is powerful too. And more often than not, positive feedback is treated like a pleasant byproduct of a survey instead of a key differentiator for your organization.

ClearlyRated is one of the only survey programs that is specifically designed to help you capitalize on positive feedback from your clients. We not only help B2B service providers get credit for the great service they provide, we also make it as easy and streamlined as possible to share meaningful responses to their networks.

We developed our Social Sharing Feature to accompany our client and talent survey programs, enabling you and your team to share the positive feedback you’ve earned to your personal and professional social networks. We’re putting the “good news” from your own Promoters at your fingertips to help you tell a compelling story about your team’s dedication to providing exceptional service.

How ClearlyRated’s Social Sharing Feature Works

Our survey program empowers businesses to automatically gather approved testimonials and Shout Outs to share among their teams. With our Social Sharing feature, you’re able to take the responses you receive through these features and publish them directly to LinkedIn or Facebook with standard tools that are located conveniently within the survey dashboard.

If you are already surveying with us, you can easily access this feature from your survey page or your online profile management page. With a few simple clicks, you can share the good news that you and your team have worked so hard to earn for your business.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • This tool allows you to share testimonials and Shout Outs to LinkedIn and Facebook. (Shout Outs are currently only available to share on LinkedIn.)
  • Before sharing, you can personalize your post by adding your own message to congratulate any individuals highlighted or provide more context about the good news! Also consider adding the social tags of the individual or company you’re referring to so they can share with their networks, too.
  • What’s great about this feature is that a link to your ClearlyRated profile page is attached to every post so anyone who clicks the link will be directed to view more of your hard-earned testimonials and shout outs.
Get Social Proof In Front of Prospects and Partners with ClearlyRated’s Social Sharing Feature

A ClearlyRated research study of more than 500 buyers of B2B services shows testimonials—particularly from your existing or past clients—are more than twice as persuasive as anything you say about yourself and second only to a personal referral in persuasiveness to your buyers.

And that doesn’t include the impact of good news on your social feeds’ engagement metrics. Our own #goodnews social sharing initiative over the months of April and May drove engagement metrics by more than 350% when compared to the two months before, resulted in nearly twice as many clicks, and delivered our most-seen post of all time… and it wasn’t even close. 

Our Social Sharing Feature helps you to quickly and easily publish these voice-of-the-client insights to the networks where your prospects and partners are most likely to see them—helping you boost engagement while credibly proving your service excellence to your social circles.

Some Examples of our Social Sharing Feature in Action

James Selker, the Director of Customer Care, Technical Interviewing , Salesforce Administrator, and Project Management at SSi People, shared a standard testimonial from a job seeker directly from our tool:

And in this example, our CEO and founder Eric Gregg added some personalization while sharing client Shout Outs for our Senior Account Manager Ryen Salo and Client Services Manager Anna Griffin:

And these are only two possibilities of how to use the content you solicit through your services—feel free to get creative!

With the ClearlyRated Social Sharing feature, it’s never been easier to capitalize on powerful positive feedback, make noise about your team’s dedication to providing exceptional service, and maximize the ROI of your organization’s survey program.

How to get started with Social Sharing

If you currently have an active subscription with ClearlyRated, the Social Sharing feature is available to you at no extra cost!

To activate the Social Sharing feature, head to your ClearlyRated survey dashboard (view results of a specific survey or go to Online Profile > Profile Pages), or click here to learn more.

Please note: You may not have access to this feature based on the management role you have been assigned within your survey dashboard. Contact the survey administrator at your organization or reach out to your ClearlyRated Account Manager for more information.

And, if you don’t already work with ClearlyRated, we’d be more than happy to chat with you about how our NPS® client surveys can help you identify at-risk revenue, differentiate on service quality, and capitalize on positive feedback. Please feel free to contact us for more information about our survey program or Social Sharing feature.

Or, if you’d like to learn more, you can read about ClearlyRated’s NPS survey program here.

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