Profile Analytics

Profile Analytics Overview

The Profile Analytics page provides useful data about how your brand's ClearlyRated public profile is performing. Scroll through the slides below for a quick tutorial about where to find Profile Analytics and the types of data found on that page.

Profile Analytics: Where to Find Them

The Profile Analytics page is located in the Dashboard under Amplify -> Analytics

Data Filtering

Filters help you see trends in your data, or up-to-date analytics snapshots.

Google Search Visibility

This table tracks how often your profile appears in Google search results and how often someone clicks that result. Click here for our guide on how to maximize your profile page to increase its visibility in Google search results.

ClearlyRated Visibility

This table shows how often your profile displays in a search on and how many click throughs to your profile you receive.


Profile Lead Generation Activity

This table shows what's actively happening on your ClearlyRated profile page. For example, you can see how many people have clicked the link to visit your company's website from your profile page. Want to manage your profile locations settings? Click here!

Legacy Star Rating Widget Activity

This table shows how many times your legacy star rating widget has been viewed on your website. This number is an aggregate of all of the star rating widgets you have placed across all pages of your website; it does not include data from email star rating widgets. Note: this is only for the legacy star rating widget. Amplify Pro Widget analytics are coming in a future release! You can set up all of your widgets by clicking here.